Kendra Stepp-Davis is a concept artist based in the New York City area who makes sculptures, installations digital and print work. The artist works with resin, plaster and found objects to bring joy and resist the pop culture ideas of Black Culture. These themes are examined through common items like jello and desserts. 

Born in 1994 in White Plains, New York. She studied Graphic Design at Thomas Jefferson University formerly Philadelphia University where she received a BS in Graphic Design Communication. Kendra started making work in 2020 and has been exhibited at Blink Cincinnati, Girl Knew York Pop Up, Tieton Arts & Humanities, KBM Art Gallery, ArtWise Gallery, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, and San Antonio Street Art Initiative. The artist currently lives and works in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Artist Statement

I am a Black concept artist inspired by the past, present and future of Black people. My sculptures celebrate pop culture, color, joy,resistance through preservation. I work with resin and plaster to create whimsical pieces that transform reality. My sculptures are often in the shape of food to play with your preconceived notions of food and their meaning. Through my work I challenge your ideas on the way pop culture interacts with your home life. 


Kendra Stepp-Davis is supported by The Culture Rooms. The Culture Rooms is an springboard and incubator for Black creatives that taps into the multiplicity and value of Black Culture today and our hopes for tomorrow. Our current iteration is a cooperative art space in West Philadelphia. We serve to act in a “for us by us” model. This model allows untapped creatives to showcase their work in the way creatives see fit. The Culture Rooms helps by providing the space, connecting with a like minded community and allowing innovative ideas to thrive. Our first experience was a 20 foot inflatable called the Full Set - which is a pair of hands with a full set of acrylic nails, October 2021.

Say Hi!

Want to see more work, hear about my coptic jello obsession or a commission.  I am always working to expand my work and interested in showing my pieces across the globe. Contact me here.

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